Author: Jafar al-Aly

HostGator Coupon Savings

Standard Web Hosting Packages & Savings Hatchling Plan (One Domain Only) 1 Month @ $0.01 (Use Coupon Code: 1CENTCOUPONCODE)Package: $8.95 monthly, Pay $0.01 for the 1st Month Only, $8.94 Savings! 12 Month @ $5.21 (Use Coupon Code: HG25COUPONCODE)Package: $83.40 for 12 months, Pay $62.55, $20.85 Savings! 25% OFF! 24 Month @ $4.46 (Use Coupon Code: […]

Cheap Hosting Plans – Finding The Right Plan For Your Hosting Needs

If you are in the process of setting up your own website, you will be aware of the many web hosting companies that are trying to offer you space on their servers. Obviously, one of the main concerns for most customers, especially during the current financial hardships, is to find a web hosting plan that […]

Finding Web Hosts That Offer Cheap Domain Name and Web Hosting

In order to have your website placed on the World Wide Web and be available to be accessed by numerous people across the globe, you need to purchase a domain name (a label that will identify your website) and server space, which is provided by a web hosting company. What is a Domain Name? Simply, […]

7 Easy Steps to Redeem Your Hostgator Coupon Code for 25% Off

Step 1: Visit to select a hosting plan that suits your needs in order to apply the promotional coupon code. Step 2: Enter you existing domain information or purchase a new domain (it is recommended to get your domain either from godaddy or namecheap). Step 3: Select your hosting package and billing cycle, then choose your […]

Why Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Is The Smarter Choice: A Review

In the fast-paced world of technology, it would be safe to assume that the Internet is probably the most important discovery of this generation, if only for the purpose of making human interaction, global networking and information dissemination a whole lot easier and faster. Almost everybody with access to a computer hooked up to the […]