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Basically, a web host is a service provider who offers its clients all the necessary components to have his/her online enterprise up and running. These services include web space, bandwidth, a control panel for carrying out administrative and maintenance related work on the site and much more. The reseller plan gives you, the customer, an avenue for making money by providing your own web hosting services to clients using Hostgator’s revolutionary technology and customer service.

All you have to do is buy any one out of the five reseller web hosting plans available. Once the registration is complete, you can then go about reselling a part of the package to your own clients at a cost of your preference. While the cPanel that is available to you, does not get passed on to your customers, they however do get the WHM (Web Host Manager) to manage their hosting options. You could also create account specific control panels for your clients using the same  web hosting application.

Advantages of Reseller Plans From Hostgator

Hostgator is perhaps the first in the business to offer an assured 99.99% uptime. Server speeds and webpages are one thing, but if the servers are going to go through frequent clogs and breakdowns, then it will be the member websites that will suffer. Hence, reliability is always a concern for any private hosting service. Then there is the added cost of piling up servers, and other secondary applications to monitor the health and status of the services being offered to clients. With this web hosting deal, you get all of the above challenges taken care of by the provider i.e. Hostgator. As a result, you can now devote more time to customer requirements, as well as devise better plans specific to a client’s need, both of which form the two most effective methods of increasing customer base in this business.

When registering with Hostgator, it helps if you have a hostgator reseller coupon handy. There are various types of coupons, which offer you some or the other form of discounts and waivers on your reseller web hosting purchases. For example, there is a coupon that offer you almost $25 off on your purchase!

Introductory its ‘Aluminium’ plan gives you 250GB bandwidth with an effective space of 24GB. The ‘Copper’ plan provides you a 40 GB space at a bandwidth of 350 GB. The fifth plan known as the ‘Diamond’ plan provides its client with a mammoth 100GB of space and an amazing 700GB worth of bandwidth!

With these reseller coupons available and utilising them to buy your reseller account only enhances your capability as a provider to give your client affordable deals. In fact, going the reseller web hosting way lets you make more profit minus the hiccups as compared to setting up a server and hosting service on your own.

Hostgator Reseller

HostGator Reseller web hosting packages are very affordable which ranged from $24.95 to $99.95 depending on your business needs. It is easy, lucrative, and cheap to start your very own web hosting business. All the necessary tools and support needed are provided to have you up and running in just a few minutes time. All of the hosting plans allow you to create unlimited web sites under your own packages, prices, and brand (you effectively set your own price and profit margins). The best part is that you keep 100% of the money you collect.

With HostGator 100% money back guarantee, you will have up to 45 days to access their service totally RISK FREE. No hassle, full refund on the same day if you are not satisfied with their service.

To find out more, please check on the available hosting packages here.

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